CSF Piston Pump UK PA80AM-250 Air Operated Hygienic Series

Hygienic Piston Pumps for Very High Viscosity Products

Product Information

CSF Piston Pump UK PA80AM-250 Air Operated Hygienic Series Pumps are available from Pump Engineering who have been working with Italy’s most respected hygienic pump manufacturer for over 30 years and continues to be a key UK direct distributor.

Key Features

  • CSF Piston Pump PA80AM-250 Air Operated Hygienic Series, capable of flows up to 20 lit/min and pressure ratio of 4.5:1
  • Quick strip hygienic clamp design
  • Suitable for extremely high viscosity fluid
  • ATEX 2G and 3G Version available
  • Includes non flowing media
  • Short, long, floor mounts and in drum versions are available (in addition to bag in drum and follower plate options)
  • Latching valve in air motor which completely eliminates nuisance stalling
  • If the piston pump is dead headed, it will stop then also restart when pressure drops/valve opens (no controls are necessary)
  • In-house modifications as a result with our vast experience and knowledge
  • CSF Piston Pumps have been part of the Pump Engineering Range for over 30 years
  • Air Operated Piston Pump experts with a solution for almost every application
  • Full Range of Spares and Many in stock in the UK at Pump Engineering

Typical Applications – CSF Piston Pump UK PA80AM-250

  • High viscosity drum/barrel emptying – even the thickest of products are pumpable!
  • Transfer in dairy, food, pharmaceutical, soft drinks and also brewing industries
  • Pharmaceuticals and toiletries
  • Full range of ATEX versions available throughout most of the range

CSF PA80AM-250 PA Hygienic Series

Materials of construction: 316 Stainless Steel as standard, seals available in an all PTFE version for solvents

Pressure Ratio: 4.5:1

Flow rate: Maximum  20 litres/min  (1200 litres/hour) at 1000cP

Flameproof: Standard safe area, with cost effective option for ATEX 2G and 3G flameproof certification on this model

Seal Options: Huge range to suit every duties, view CSF Piston Pump Seal options

Models: Barrel/vessel immersible, short floor mount versions, follow plate and hoist mounted

End Connections: Din 11851, RJT, Triclamp, SMS, IDF/ISS, Flange and more

Other Features:  Huge Dry Priming Capability, will work with bag in drum and 1 million cP is possible on some models


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Additional information

CSF Pump Type

Air Operated Piston

CSF Pump Series

PA Food (PAA), PA80, PA80-AM


CSF Inox

Product Type

Wet End Material

Power Source

PA 80 AM-200


PA 80 A-200


PA 80 A- 200

PA 80 AM-230


PA 80 A-230


PA 80 A- 230

PA 80 AM-250


PA 80 A-250


PA 80 A- 250

PA 80 AM-310


PA 80 A-310


PA 80 A- 310

PA 80 AM-100


PA 80 A-100


PA 80 A- 100

PA 80 AM-130


PA 80 A-130


PA 80 A- 130

PA 80 AM-150


PA 80 A-150


PA 80 A- 155

PA 80 AM-210


PA 80 A-210


PA 80 A- 210