CSF Steam Water Mixers (3)

CSF Inox SpA

CSF Steam Water Mixers, provide cheap hot water instantly, efficiently and safely.

CSF Inox Steam Water Mixers models M34 and M114, a versatile, fail-safe, effective and energy saving way of providing hot water.

All you need is a steam and cold water supply.  You’re also doing your bit to save the planet since almost all the heat energy in the steam is transferred to the water.

The CSF steam water mixers’ all stainless steel construction means they are ideal for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical factories as well as chemical and industrial plants.  Temperature adjustment is local to the steam water mixer and the built in “glass free” thermometer ensure you can monitor the outlet temperature.

We stock mixers and spares in addition to providing extensive product support.  With over 30 years experience Pump Engineering is the most steam water mixing expert.

Simple to use and easy to install for almost any hygienic or industrial process environment.

Pump Engineering provides safe, simple and instant energy saving solutions for temperature controlled water on demand for your wash-down and process requirements.