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Mencarelli Pompe is a European pump manufacturer that designs an extensive range of pressed stainless steel centrifugal, flexible impeller and self-priming pumps.

Used extensively in the commercial and industrial sectors, Mencarelli Pompe pumps ensure high reliability and provide a long service life for heavy duty applications.

Pump Engineering is the key UK Mencarelli Pompe Pump Distributor, providing stock, sales, and support.

We offer technical knowledge and expertise and can you find the right industrial pump solution for your application or project.

Mencarelli Pompe – Stainless Steel Pumps – key features

  • Extensive pump range includes:
    – Centrifugal Pumps
    – Centrifugal Hygienic Pumps
    – Flexible Impeller Pumps
  • Pump range includes ATEX flameproof certification
  • High thickness steel pump casing
  • Flow reversibility
  • Lower speed motor provides delicate pumping actions
  • IEC UK/European standard electrical motors stocked by Pump Engineering
  • Pump range includes flow rates up to 930 litres/min
  • Simple design and cost-effective
  • Impeller made of non-toxic rubber
  • Robust with a long service life
  • Wireless pumps available with inverter and thermal protection system
  • Special construction allows for quick-strip, clean, change impeller and seal

Mencarelli Pompe – Stainless Steel Pumps – typical applications 

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