Pageboy Pumps (2)

Pageboy Pump Engineering logo SFD15 HD14 HP250

John Newberry, founder of Pump Engineering and Chris Newberry, current Pump Engineering MD, have exclusively designed the unique Pageboy Pumps range.

Manufactured for over 30 years, these products have remained popular within the Pump Engineering bespoke pump range and have all been designed to fit a wide variety of applications ranging from chemical duties to pumping liquids with an assurance of reliability and low-cost maintenance.

Pump Engineering is the sole UK Manufacturer and Distributor for Pageboy Pumps, providing sales and support.

We offer technical knowledge and expertise and can help you find the right industrial pump solutions for your application or project.

Pageboy Pumps – key features 

  • Extensive pump range includes:
    – Chemical Diaphragm Pump
    – Low flow Diaphragm Pump
    – Stainless Piston Pump
  • Used for a wide variety of applications
  • Self-priming
  • Simple and robust bespoke design
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable with a long lifecycle
  • Hand-held and easy to operate
  • Easy maintenance

Pageboy Pumps – typical applications 

  • Liquid transfer handling
    – Acids and chemicals
    – Solids and slurries
    – Aggressive liquids
    – Solvents, paints
    – Essential oils, demineralised water

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