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Pump Engineering is a UK Specialist and Manufacturer for Industrial Pump Supply and Solutions. Using our years of experience Pump Engineering has been able to design and manufacture its own bespoke range of diagraphm and hand-held pump.

Under the trade name Pageboy Pumps, these low cost and simple products have been designed to suit a wide range of applications for commercial and industrial sectors.

Pump Engineering additionally has another pump range Helios® (previously Monos® Helios) that is now a registered trademark of Pump Engineering Limited and we can supply the original pumps and spares for the original Mono Helios Range.

Pump Engineering specialises in offering you a bespoke service that will suit your requirements. Whether it’s a pump in a box or a pump brand being modified in-house, we can do so much more than just supplying pumps.

Helios® is a registered trademark of Pump Engineering Limited

(Mono® is a registered trademark of Mono® Pumps Ltd)