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MTH Pumps is an international pump manufacturer who has extensive experience in designing a range of custom made regenerative turbine pumps.

Combining expertise and the latest concepts in turbine hydraulic design using computer controlled manufacturing and can deliver high-efficiency pump performance for low flow applications that serve a wide variety of commercial and industrial sectors.

Pump Engineering is the key UK MTH Pumps, Pump Distributor, providing sales and support.

We offer technical knowledge and expertise to help you find the right industrial pump solution for your application or project.

MTH Pumps – Regenerative Turbine Pumps – key features 

  • Self-adjusting impellers
  • Robust with a long service life
  • Ideal for low flow with no pulsation and high-pressure applications
  • Ideal for vacuum and high temperatures (very low NPSHr)
  • Handle liquids with entrained air
  • Various material combinations available – 316 stainless steel, cast iron, and bronze
  • Mechanical seals – a range of factory options available by Pump Engineering

MTH Pumps – Regenerative Turbine Pumps – typical applications 

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