Fuel Polishers and Conditioners (1)

Fuel Polishers and Conditioners from Pump Engineering

Introducing bio-fuels into diesel has bought about some serious fuel quality challenges.  We manufacture a range of Fuel Polishers to ensure this does not affect you.

FAME B5 (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters 5% biodiesel in 95% petrodiesel to explain the jargon) has made storage of diesel something we all now need to consider when we require good quality fuel.  Fuel companies agree that if left untreated fuel will remain reliable for just 6–12 months.  More on why this happens and “The Diesel Bug”.

The nett result can range from long term damage to difficult or non starting and stalling of your engine/generator.

To make your fuel dependable and safe to use, you need a Pump Engineering Self Contained Fuel Polisher……”The Bug Basher”

With its integral pump, we filter out the sludge and sediment, remove the water and pass the fuel though a conditioner, ensure that when you need it most, your fuel is in perfect condition and ready to use.

All you need to do is connect to your tank, add power and let our bug basher do its thing.