Mencarelli G Series Flexible Impeller Pumps

Industrial and Hygienic Cost Effective Self Priming Pumps

Product Information

Mencarelli G Series Flexible Impeller Pumps (Industrial) are available from Pump Engineering who have been working with one of Italy’s leading stainless steel pump manufacturers for over 30 years and remains their key UK distributor.

Key Features

  • Industrial with gentle pumping action and can also be used for Hygienic Applications
  • Dry Self Priming Pump also with Reversible Flow
  • High flow rates up to 600 litres/min
  • Suitable for viscous liquids and furthermore with suspended solids
  • Quick strip, to clean or change impeller and seal
  • Monobloc pump casing casting for higher strength and in addition a better seal
  • IEC UK/European standard motors
  • Used in fixed application and great as a portable pump on trolley (with frequency inverter option also)

Typical Applications

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical (starch, wax, water-based glues, creams, cleaners, glycerine, glycols, latex, vegetable and animal fats, liquid soaps, syrups, shampoos, industrial water treatment, paints)
  • Food and Beverage (beer, wine, butter, melted cheese, glucose, milk and condensed milk, jam, honey, must, oil, cream, tomato sauce, fruit juices, eggs, yogurt, wine, destemmed grapes, liquid sugar).


Mencarelli G Series Flexible Impeller Pumps

Pump Type:High Performance Industrial Flexible Impeller Pump

Suction Characteristics: up to 5 metres immediate dry prime

Seal:  1 x Single Mechanical Seal – really simple to change

Materials of construction: 304 Stainless steel with food grade synthetic rubber (FDA Neoprene or EPDM) impeller

Maximum Pressure: maximum 2.5 Bar

Maximum Flow rate: 600 litres/min

Motors:  Compact Extended Shaft

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Additional information

Mencarelli Pump Type

Flexible Impeller

Mencarelli Pump Series

G, G/N, G/V

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Wet End Material

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