PE Duty Standby Pump Control Panel DSA24V

Modern Microprocessor Powered Duty/Standby/Assist Control Panel

Product Information

The Pump Engineering PE Duty Standby Pump Control Panel DSA24V is a microprocessor-controlled, duty/standby/assist control panel for use with twin pumpsets transferring from a bulk to a day tank, incorporating tank level controls, bund/seal leakage detection, BMS and fire system interface, using an innovative modular construction.

Key Features of the PE Duty Standby Pump Control Panel DSA24V

  • Extremely competitive against old fashioned types still offered by many manufacturers
  • Much more reliable and better designed using a microprocessor and PCB (printed circuit board)
  • Modular so we can customise easily allowing for fast delivery times (some held in stock)
  • Huge number of features as standard (see below)
  • The DSA24V is a 24V Single phase control panel with 12V, 230/240V, 110V and 400/415V versions readily available
  • Inexpensive optional extras (due to our market leading modular design)
  • If reselling we will also label with your brand on the fascia at no extra cost
  • Over a thousand in use, in most cases as above with customer fascia
  • Optional GSM module.  Our twin pump controller will text you to tell you how its doing*
  • UK in-house manufactured by Pump Engineering

Typical Applications

  • Any Duty/Standby/Assist Pumpset from any manufacturer (see also our Variable Speed Pump Controller)
  • Extensively used with Pump Engineering fuel transfer sets
  • Also used with all other Pump Engineering transfer sets

The Pump Engineering PE Duty Standby Pump Control Panel is part of our extensive PE Systems range which also includes Duty Standby Pumpsets and Turnkey Plants

* subject to network coverage, network charges will apply and are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Pump Engineering DSA Twin Pump Controller

Standard Features
1 A compact, self-contained microprocessor panel with plug-in connections.
2 Automatic pump changeover with alternate starting sequence.
3 Auto/off/manual facility for each pump.
4 Bulk tank level controls with low/low pump protection, giving local LED and sounder indication and a remote alarm signal.
5 Day tank level controls with high and low level alarms, giving local LED and sounder indication and a remote alarm signal.
6 Building Management Interface (BMS) including fire cut off.
7 Standard voltage 24/1/50 (415/3/50, 110/1/50, 230-240/1/50, 12/1/50 also available).
8 Mounted in an epoxy-coated steel enclosure 400mm x 500mm x 150mm.
9 Standard BMS outputs, “commoned” to two relays are:

Relay 3 Relay 4
Bulk low low Bulk low
Day high high Day low low
Fire Pump 1 tripped
Pump 2 tripped
Bund leak / full
Emergency stop active
In manual, both pumps off will sound local panel alarm only (maintenance).

Optional extras (examples – if others required please ask)
Extra volt-free contacts for external equipment
Internal RCDs interlocked with pump changeover and an alarm in the event of a pump failure
For critical systems, a remote dialler can be fitted which can send a text message to your mobile phone*
Run time counter
Door Mount Ammeter
We can also fit an additional interface board with the following functions:

1 Day tank High High
2 Day tank Low Low
3 Bulk tank Low
4 Bulk tank Low Low
5 Pump 2 Fail (Overload or input from external flow switch)
6 Emergency Stop
7 Bund Alarm
8 Fire Cut-off
9 Pump 1 Fail (Overload or input from external flow switch)
10 Flow switch
11) Pump 1 run
12) Pump 2 run
Please do specify outputs required when ordering as we will need to fit a separate relay with volt-free contacts for each output required.

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