Badger EVA 1 Electronic Valve Actuator Positioner

Explosion proof, Microprocessor control with linear stepper motor

Product Information

The Badger EVA 1 Electronic Valve Actuator Positioner is a small , electronically controlled, electric valve actuator developed specifically to fit 1/4″ to 1″ inch Badger Meter Research Control Reco Valves.

Its accurate positioning and compact size make it especially suited to flow control in research and small process applications and is considered one of the most advanced electronic valve actuators.

• Microprocessor-controlled, linear stepper motor ensures compact dimensions.
• 4…20 mA analog input
• Position 4…20 mA analog output (optional)
• Choice of 12 speeds to choose from
• Extensive in-house knowledge always available
• Repairs effected by our experienced team

For use with all Badger Valves 1/4″ – 1
Microprocessor-controlled, linear stepper motor

Supply: AC: 230V/50Hz, 24V 50Hz, 110V 50/ 60Hz, 400V 50Hz / DC 24V, 12V Control Input:
ATEX: Explosion Proof class 1, Division 1, Group C&D
Control Input: 4…20 mA
Position Output: 4…20 mA
Speeds: 12
Stroke: Adjustable range 0.1875…0.5625″

Other details:
• Up to 40 pounds of stem thrust
• Accurate and repeatable positioning
• Adjustable split range
• Quick and simple zero and span input and output adjustments
• Adjustable stroke range 0.1875…0.5625″
• User adjustable direct or reverse action
• RS-232 Serial Port for all adjustments without removing
the cover
• Controlled seating force to prevent innervalve damage
• Built-in temperature compensation
• Stainless steel yoke and rugged epoxy coated aluminium


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