Fuel Polisher System Pump Engineering Bug Basher

Reducing the risk of your Generator Failing To Start when you really need it

Product Information

Fuel Polisher System Pump Engineering Bug Basher (also known as a fuel conditioner) Self Contained Fuel Polishing model FP1100.

With modern diesel a fuel polisher is essential unless you can live with your backup generator not starting when you most need it.

In reality that is the very worst case scenario and unlikely….However, can you really afford to take that risk?

Key Benefits of the Fuel Polisher System Pump Engineering Bug Basher

  • Self Contained it removes water in diesel fuel while looking neat and unobtrusive
  • Removes residue and helps prevent it from forming (by removing any water in the fuel).
  • Fuel filters last longer and allow the clean diesel to pass more effectively.
  • Cleaner fuel increases the fuel efficiency of the diesel engines that use it.
  • Running diesel engines on cleaner fuel lowers maintenance costs and increases their effective life span (also more environmentally friendly).
  • The Pump Engineering Bug Basher Self Contained Fuel Polisher helps to reduce costs by avoiding the required replacement of contaminated fuel (also more environmentally friendly).
  • More confidence in emergency generators and critical equipment starting when they are needed
  • The Bug Basher Fuel Polisher is in-house manufactured in the UK by us and has been for for many years with proven track record of quality and reliability
  • Branded as standard with your company logo when reselling

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Pump Engineering Bug Basher Automatic Magnetic Diesel Fuel Polisher

Fuel Polishing also Known as…
Fuel Scrubbing, Fuel Scrubber, Fuel Conditioning, Fuel Conditioner, Fuel Filtering, Fuel/Water Separating, Fuel/Water Separator.  Its all the same thing and the same machine, just different terminology.

Key Features of the Bug Basher FP1100:

• Automatically polish or condition your diesel so its always ready for use when you need it.
• Fully integrated easy to use unit with stainless steel pipework
• Simple installation – Fix into position, connect the fuel inlet/outlet flanges and 240V mains supply
• 10 micron fuel filter with drain valve and hose. Filter ‘service’ warning via Differential Pressure (DP) switch and water sensor
• Magnetic conditioner as standard
• Stainless steel ‘Y’ strainer to protect pump
• Aesthetically housed in compact powdercoated IP56 cabinet (with integral drip catchment) with twin doors
• 50 litres/minute flow rate using self priming pump. Flow failure warning via flow switch
• Mimic panel fascia and external emergency stop built into door front
• Bulk tank & fire inputs for shutdown in case of low fuel or emergency
• Fully serviceable fuel polisher ‘Bug Brain’ control unit giving multi functions, indicators, user friendly 7 day timer and two BMS outputs
• Proven to be one of the most reliable fuel polishers on the market

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