Flux High Viscosity Barrel Emptying Drum Pumps

Robust Portable Drum Pumps with Electric and Air Motors

Product Information

Flux High Viscosity Barrel Emptying Drum Pumps are available from Pump Engineering who have been working with one of Germany’s premier drum pump manufacturers for over 30 years and remains a key UK distributor.

Key Features

  • Available in 316Ti stainless steel.
  • Flow rates up to 50 litres/min
  • Discharge Pressures up to 8Bar / 80mwc
  • Suitable for viscosity up to 30000cP (30000mPa.s)
  • Special Versions also for viscosity up to 80000cP
  • Food, pharmacetical, toiletry and also chemical specification available
  • Mix and Match motorheads and tubesets for complete flexibility
  • Portable versions low voltage and in addition pneumatic
  • Fixed IEC motor versions and also pneumatic
  • ATEX EX II 1/2 G IIB T4 models available

Typical Applications

  • High viscosity fluid transfer
  • Decanting acids, solvents, alkalis, oils and plating solutions
  • Transferring hazardous liquids in ATEX areas such as acetone or alcohol, deionised water and essential oils
  • Pumping flavourings, Food Products, Oils, CIP chemicals in addition to many other viscous fluids

Flux F500 Series – Flux High Viscosity Barrel Emptying Drum Pumps

Pump Type:  Progressive Cavity High Viscosity Drum Pump

Suction Characteristics: Immersed in Drum / Barrel

F/FP 550 series
High Viscosity Chemicals, Toiletries, Detergents, Oils and other industrial duties

F/FP 560 series
High Viscosity Food, Pharmaceuticals, Fine Chemicals and other hygienic duties

Seal Options:  Single Mechanical Seal

Standard O Rings:  Nitrile, EPDM, FKM (Viton type), FFKM (Kalrez Type)

Materials of construction: 316Ti stainless steel

Maximum Pressure: 8Bar/80mwc 

Maximum Viscosity: 30000cP (80000cP on special models)

Flow rate: maximum 50 litres/min

Motors – Manufactured by Flux, Various Powers and Voltages which influence tubeset capability:

FEM4070 / F457 / F458 / F458-1 / F460 Ex / F460-1 Ex

FBM4000 Ex

Compressed-air / Pneumatic
F416 Ex / F416-1 Ex / F416-2 Ex

F403 / F414

Other Products in the Flux Range

Flux F400 Heavy Duty Barrel Emptying Drum Pumps




Additional information

Flux Pump Type

Barrel Pumps

Flux Tubeset Type

High Viscosity, Hygienic, Mechanical Sealed

Flux Tubeset Material

316Ti stainless steel



Product Type

F550 S-50/21
F550 S-54/26
F550 SXA-50/21
F 550 SXB-50/21
F560 S1-50/21
F560 S2-50/21
F560 S1XA-50/21
F560 S2XA-50/21
F550 GS-50/21
F550 GS-54/26
F550 GSXA-50/21
F550 GSXB-50/21
F560 GS1-50/21
F560 GS2-50/21
F560 GS1XA-50/21
F560 GS2XA-50/21
F550 GS6-50/21
F550 GS6-54/26
F550 GS6XB-50/21
F550 S-54/26 TR 1
F560 S-54/26 TR