CSF Powder Sugar and Liquid Dissolvers

Rapid and efficient way of dispersing and dissolving powders, crystals and sugars.

Product Information

CSF Powder Sugar and Liquid Dissolvers are a rapid and efficient way of dispersing and/or dissolving powders, crystals and sugars, available from Pump Engineering who have been working with Italy’s most respected hygienic pump manufacturer for over 30 years and remains their key UK distributor.

Key Features

  • Cost effective fast dispersion / dissolving of powders and crystals
  • Continuous process and batch process
  • Ideal for introducing powders with a tendency to agglomerate (leaving ball of powder which won’t dissolve)
  • Easy to clean
  • Capacity 5 – 70m3/h (liquid) and 800 to 8000 kg/hour (powder)
  • Versions with adjustable powder intake available.
  • Inducer and Venturi variants available.
  • Range of sizes to suit small batch to full scale production

Typical Applications

  • sugar, salt, starch, protein, pectin, casein, carrageenin and other micronised products introduction.
  • Uniform wetting of powders
  • Wetting of powders prior to high shear processes
  • Reducing recipe volumes and product quality through efficient dispersion.

CSF Powder Dissolvers

Materials of construction: 316L Stainless Steel as standard

Maximum Pressure: up to 24m (2.4 Bar)

Flow rate: 5 to 70 m3/h (5000 to 70000 litres/hour)

Powder Capacity: 800 to 8000 kg/hour

Motors:  IEC Standard fitted

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Additional information

CSF Pump Type

Powder Dissolver

CSF Pump Series



CSF Inox

Product Type

Wet End Material

DR 8

DR 10

DR 15

TV 41

TV 42

TMV 40

TMV 70

TMV 71

TMV 72

TMV 75

TMV 751

TMV 100