CSF Inox SN Series Hygienic Sinusoidal Pumps

Hygienic Sinusoidal Positive Displacement Pumps Series SN

Product Information

CSF Inox SN Series Hygienic Sinusoidal Pumps are available from Pump Engineering who have been working with Italy’s most respected hygienic pump manufacturer for over 30 years and remains their key UK distributor.

Key Features

  • Gentle pumping of the product due to its rotor form with no product slip or dead areas
  • Constant Performance even with varying viscosity (up to 1 million cP)
  • Excellent suction capability (up to 8 m)
  • High Solids capability (and gentle on them too!)
  • Flow rates from 0-100 m3/hr at heads up to 15 Bar (0-36 m3/hr)
  • All product contact materials FDA certified
  • Bi-directional pumping

Typical Applications

  • High Suction lift duties
  • Transfer in dairy, food, pharmaceutical, soft drinks and brewing industries
  • Cosmetic and Toiletries transfer

CSF SN Series

Materials of construction: 316 Stainless Steel as standard, with FDA Polymers

Maximum Pressure: up to 15 Bar (at 36m3/h)

Flow rate: 0 to 100 m3/h (0 to 100000 litres/hour)

Viscosity: 1cP to 1 million cP

Models: 4 core models available

End Connections: Din 11851, RJT, Triclamp, SMS, IDF/ISS, Flange and more

Motors:  Long coupled to stainless steel baseplate as standard

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Hygienic Sinusoidal Positive Displacement Pumps

CSF Pump Series



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