Pageboy (3)

Pageboy is the trade name for Pump Engineering’s range of in-house manufactured pumps Pageboy Pump Engineering logo SFD15 HD14 HP250

Designed by John Newberry (our founder) and Chris Newberry, our current Managing Director, Pageboy is the trade name for our own pump range.

Comprising of the SFD15 Stress Free Diaghragm Pump, HD14 Chemical Hand Pump and HP250 All Stainless Steel PTFE Hand Piston Pump, we have a unique range.

All of these products have been manufactured for over 30 years and remain a popular part of our range.

Why Pageboy? A question we are often asked, and can only be answered when when ordering a pump. Caveat Emptor…Its not as exciting as the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything and we can only give you partial explanation as the end letters remain a mystery.