CSF Mechanical Seal Options CS Series

CSF Pumps are offered with the sealing options below as standard, each of which has a large and varied range of seal materials to suit every application.  All CS series seals are food grade or better.

Single Mechanical – Internal

  • Standard (T)
  • With Forced Recirculation (W)
  • Increased Hygiene Balanced (WH)

Compact Double Mechanical Seal (Q)
Internal Mechanical Seal with Lipseal Flush (V)
External Mechanical (Y)

Special Sealing arrangements are also available to best suit your application.

Standard Mechanical Seals in More Detail

Single Mechanical, Internal
Type T

The standard CSF pump is fitted with this, the T series internal mechanical seal, immersed in the product, fitted behind the impeller with a conical chamber for optimum lubrication conditions.

CSF T Series seal sectional

CSF T Series seal photo


Single Mechanical, Internal
Type W

Internal mechanical seal as type T with forced circulation of the pumped liquid to restrict the working temperature, eliminate air and steam bubbles, improve lubrication and avoid residues/deposits on the seal.

CSF W Series seal sectional

CSF W Series seal photo


Single Mechanical, Internal
Type WH – Hygiene+, Internal Balanced

Protected (sealed spring) and balanced execution with forced circulation of the liquid pumped. Suitable for viscous and dirty products, vacuum applications or those subject to differences in pressure. Easily cleaned, its therefore ideal for sanitary/pharmaceutical applications.

CSF WH Series seal sectional

CSF WH Series seal photo


Double Flushed Mechanical, Internal
Type Q – Compact Double Mechanical

Double mechanical seal with circulation of the flushing and cooling liquid. Used with products that tend to crystallise, stick, harden, that are abrasive and/or corrosive, to reach high temperatures and whenever the internal single seal life is limited. The flushing cleans, lubricates and cools the seal; (the circulating liquid must be clean site process water). If the seal is leaking the flushing liquid will carry this medium away

CSF Q Series seal sectional

CSF Q Series seal photo


Single Flushed Mechanical, Internal
Type V – with Lipseal Flush

The external liquid circulation chamber creates a protective barrier and avoids possible leakage of the internal mechanical seal into the atmosphere.  A lower cost version of the “Q” type compact flush, with wearing lipseal. As type “Q” the function of this seal is to flush the seal surfaces in order to limit the wear.

CSF V Series seal sectional

CSF V Series seal photo


Single Mechanical, External
Type WHEX – Hygiene+, External Balanced

For all cases where the mechanical seal must not touch the pumped product, in order to avoid sanitary problems, corrosion or to meet industry requirements / conditions.  Any seal wear/material loss will be external to product.

CSF WHEX Series seal sectionalCSF WHEX Series seal photo









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